Sweater for my little great-nephew

At the moment I am knitting a sweater for my great-nephew Abel who turned 1, last August. The back and the two sleeves are done but now I’ve inserted a little break as I’d like to knit in a picture in the front but don’t know yet what it will be. A fish, a house, a bird? And when I have an idea, would I be able to fix that? Haha, it might turn out in something funny as I have little experience in knitting images.
The question mark above the back shows on which part of the garment the picture must come.

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One Response to Sweater for my little great-nephew

  1. Ram says:

    [10]Liz,What a wonderful story about the qulits! Your photos are beautiful. You gave me an idea about Aunt Gladys’ doll collection. She is in the process of distributing her dolls to favorite people,but still has a room full of them. I’ll take my camera over and shoot her doll family before they leave her home.Please pray for her and Cathey as both are on a downward slide now with the cancer.Love,Lacy[]

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