Music can lighten your heart! La Traviata!

After the last Oh Solo Mio-blog I received this link from another good friend, Antonio.
Over 30 members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia mingled themselves among market visitors and unexpectedly started to sing. You can see the surprise, confusion and happiness on the faces of the shoppers.
Looking at this movie made me smile too and I felt myself charged up!

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3 Responses to Music can lighten your heart! La Traviata!

  1. Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  2. Mihemed says:

    christina.. ja, veldig greit e5 ikke ge5 pe5 en salgs-smell. basic er aliltd en hit. ble gre5tt og sort- og en ring.. flere bilder kommer… ida.. elsker acne selv, men har ikke se5 mange acneplagg i garderoben jeg skulle f8nske jeg hadde. har lett etter en basic gre5 college-genser leenge- se5 veldig hadde mange godbiter, og alt i farger og snitt man ikke blir lei.. ta turen…silje. pistols ste5r fortsatt pe5 f8nskelisten min. prf8vde de og skinnjakken medhvitt for i hf8st, men da var jeg blakk- og vips var alt utsolgt…. angrer big timelayne.. right.mega. im allready in love, and I have been wearing the wool-sweater every day since I bought it..musicismyboyfriend, i totally agree vintage scoop is the best, but have to admit that my wallet was happy when I got basics from acne for that price… oh yesida.. se5 bra.. blir nok flere konk. her snart igjen,…

  3. Nurlena says:

    May 10, 2012 03:11 My great-grandma knitted my Barbie a wrdoaerbe. I still have them and they mean the world to me. I hope she gives that sweater to her little girl when she has a doll. Cue the Fiddler on the Roof music You did a fantastic job with it.

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