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Yesterday I treated myself to a few new books. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t do that as, having a weak spot for books, there are already far too books many in ‘da houz’. However, these four books will give me many hours of happily reading and activity for the coming dark and early winter nights.

These are the books I bought:

1) For the Love of Knitting, a celebration of the knitters art. This book contains no patterns but it tells you a lot about the history and there are interesting personal experiences regarding knitting. Easy reading with great photos.
On the following page I mention the other books:

2) 210 Crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas… yummie. There are even a couple of Celtic Knot patterns!

3) Irresistible Gifts to Crochet, a publishing of Simply Knitting with loads of patterns and explanations. I like it as it shows all different stitches in drawings which is also useful when you want to teach someone else crochet.

4) Teach yourself to Sew. I really need to start sewing again. Having a not-average size it would be great to make your own clothes which will fit as you learn how to change basic patterns to get clothes shaped as how you want. The funny thing is that I used to sew a lot in the far past but now I developed a strange type of fear to start making clothes. However, will get the sewing machine out soon. Being brave.

Recently I received Double-ended Hook Crochet but to be honest, at the moment it’s quite complicated to me the way the patterns are written out and there are no charts (don’t know if that would be possible though). I just got a double ended crochet hook so I’m still at the learning stage.

Well, these are my newest additions and I thought I’ll tell you about as it might interest some of you valuable readers.
See you later.

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2 Responses to Craft books

  1. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Rock says:

    I bought the enitre collection of books for my kids, and also for my nephews who live in California. The kids’ ages range from 4-10 yrs. old, and all of them enjoy the books. My kids find the books to be funny and fun to read. My husband and I appreciate the creative way that the books reinforce the Armenian language and culture to our kids. Great initiative by the author to capture in story-form what we as Armenian parents have experienced during our youth. As more and more generations of American-Armenians grow farther away from our foreign-born parents’ customs and rituals, these books allow us to bring the concepts back and share the funny anecdotes with our children so that they can continue to exist in their repetoire of the Armenian culture.

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