Ankle arthritis

This morning my poor sweetheart was diagnosed with severe ankle arthritis.
After a double hip replacement in 2009, we thought all the bone problems would be history. How wrong we were.
As a four-year old he had both hips operated at the same time, then the same when he was ten and when he was fourteen, one hip needed surgery. That was a bad time because when one leg and hip of him were plastered, his other leg grew. This made him limp for years. This was until 2009 when the surgeon made both legs the same length.

So after 36 years my Better Half had to use muscles he hadn’t used for a long time and that was tough. Soon pain appeared in his ankle and thinking of the different way of walking, he/we thought the pain will lessen when he was used to walking with legs the same length again.
The pain however stayed and became worse so a few months ago he went to his GP which resulted in the visit to the specialist today.

After examination and x-rays, three options were given:
1. Ankle replacement
2. Ankle fusion
3. Scraping off bone to create more movement.
The ankle replacement is not often done yet with much success according the specialist, so that is out of question, so in fact there are two options.
My Better Half needs time to think about it, which I can well imagine.
Meanwhile the specialist advised him to come as soon as the pain becomes unbearable.

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  1. Florence says:

    My husband had these same porblems. The Dr told him he might need surgery!Instead, he went out and bought an inversion table and started inverting his body and it truly helped him. It takes the pressure off the compressed disks and allows more spinal fluid to circulate.It would require you to spend some money, but I think anything is worth a try compared to having surgery.You can Google Teeter hangups, and see what I am talking about. My husband did get his at aplace called Play it Again Sports and bought a used inversion table, so it was a ton cheaper.However, you want to get one that has all the correct parts still there, because you are hanging and laying upside down.Best of luck to you, I hope this helps!

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