Winter started

Hello World, today I decided to stay in all day so my window to the world is not only the real window as pretty much the computer.
It snowed a lot over here in the north of England however far more snow has fallen further north (Scotland) and north east. So if you think this is a lot of snow, you can get an idea how  disrupted everything is ‘in the north’.  3,000 schools have been closed, people are stuck at airports, cannot get to work or cannot come home as there is hardly any public traffic.

Let’s hope electricity connections won’t get damaged and the heating equipment keep on working although the gas prices have risen towering high.

Fortunately most people look after their elderly neighbours and the ill so who can walk often offers to get necessary shopping for them who cannot.

The photo above is taken very early this morning, the photo below two days ago when I walked to my work.

One of our cats, the ill one, can use a temporary catlitter now while the other refuses to use anything like that and prefers to hop up over and down in the snow.

If you want to see more photos, please click on the link below.

The front garden photos above were from last night and early this morning…

… and so are these photos from the drive and it’s still snowing.

Below a few more of the rear.

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