Mister Snowman and more impressions

Snowman built by Austrian, Irish, Finnish and English friends

Our neighbours built a very nice snowman, topped up with a green St Patrick’s head. In the comfort of my cosy living room, I saw them yesterday, children and adults, working on this good old man and doesn’t it create a smile on one’s face?

It’s great to see it standing there, defying the cold ;))

Perhaps this is the best way to walk on the roads, in the style of Nordic Walking, using poles. This woman seems to walk quite easily and fast, better than me, slipping with arms out to keep my balance!

Three more photos are to be seen if you click on the link below.

I decided to shovel a path from our door and that of the neighbours to the street (no point clearing the pavement as walking on the street is alright). It was cold stepping through the high snow.

Do you notice the heart shape in the snow around my foot? It might be a supportive sign as I was also making a path from the cat flap and the entrance door to the garden so Mandarijn, the cat, can visit her toilet too. The little cat was looking through the cat flap, wondering what I was doing, but she didn’t come out when I opened it from outside. She must have thought: “You must be mad there outside!”

It has something pure, this untouched snow.

This last photo was taken early this morning. Not many lorries drive over the bypass in the distance.

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