Beautiful knitting beyond imagination

knitted skull

Knitted work by 'bencuevas'

I like knitting and crochet a lot. Sometimes I can be very proud of myself when I made something I thought I would never be able to. The fact that I know how complicated knitting or crochet can be, made me even more appreciate the skills, effort, perseverance and  most of all the unbelievable creativity the knitter of this astonishing art achieved.

I am speechless. Please take a look on the  site of Ben Cuevas to see more photos of this knitted skeleton.

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2 Responses to Beautiful knitting beyond imagination

  1. Asa says:

    Yes, I’m really impressed myself too. Thanks for your reaction.

  2. Patrick Mann says:

    Great creative knitting! I’m blown away by this – and Ben Cuevas’ site. Thanks. Patrick

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