Back again

German man marries cat

Strange but true, German man marries cat.

I’m back again, after a tiny hibernation.

Before you wonder about the image, below my blog is another one.

When my Other Half was made redundant, almost two years ago, he and over 700 colleagues who all  would hear about their future that black morning, I knew it hours before they knew! Talking about fair treatment of your employees, this Dutch-British steel company obviously didn’t believe in that policy.
Working at a newspaper gave me the possibility to read the press release and this helped my Better Half and some of his colleagues to prepare themselves to the general meeting in which would be announced that their plant would be axed.
That’s that… over 34 years of loyalty were just slapped from the table.

To be entitled to his pension in case my Better Half for about ten years would die before me, is only possible for legally married people. (Of course it’s something you hope not to experience yourself). So, although we both were happy with living together, in some way we were forced to marry.
We agitated and required around whether a partnership contract would be legal enough but it wasn’t so there we are.

After my BH endured two major hip operations (with good result, thank you), we restarted to consider the situation and on the 20th of January we took a marriage license. In a few weeks we’ll be legally tight and the more we approach the date, the more we like it. So alls well that ends well

This brings me to the following in my eyes humorous and at the same time ridiculous site – but form your opinion, so you want, yourself.

Marry Your Pet

Marry Your Pet

Serious or Joke?


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