Beautiful knitting beyond imagination

knitted skull

Knitted work by 'bencuevas'

I like knitting and crochet a lot. Sometimes I can be very proud of myself when I made something I thought I would never be able to. The fact that I know how complicated knitting or crochet can be, made me even more appreciate the skills, effort, perseverance and  most of all the unbelievable creativity the knitter of this astonishing art achieved.

I am speechless. Please take a look on the  site of Ben Cuevas to see more photos of this knitted skeleton.

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Mister Snowman and more impressions

Snowman built by Austrian, Irish, Finnish and English friends

Our neighbours built a very nice snowman, topped up with a green St Patrick’s head. In the comfort of my cosy living room, I saw them yesterday, children and adults, working on this good old man and doesn’t it create a smile on one’s face?

It’s great to see it standing there, defying the cold ;))

Perhaps this is the best way to walk on the roads, in the style of Nordic Walking, using poles. This woman seems to walk quite easily and fast, better than me, slipping with arms out to keep my balance!

Three more photos are to be seen if you click on the link below.

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Winter started

Hello World, today I decided to stay in all day so my window to the world is not only the real window as pretty much the computer.
It snowed a lot over here in the north of England however far more snow has fallen further north (Scotland) and north east. So if you think this is a lot of snow, you can get an idea how  disrupted everything is ‘in the north’.  3,000 schools have been closed, people are stuck at airports, cannot get to work or cannot come home as there is hardly any public traffic.

Let’s hope electricity connections won’t get damaged and the heating equipment keep on working although the gas prices have risen towering high.

Fortunately most people look after their elderly neighbours and the ill so who can walk often offers to get necessary shopping for them who cannot.

The photo above is taken very early this morning, the photo below two days ago when I walked to my work.

One of our cats, the ill one, can use a temporary catlitter now while the other refuses to use anything like that and prefers to hop up over and down in the snow.

If you want to see more photos, please click on the link below.

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Ankle arthritis

This morning my poor sweetheart was diagnosed with severe ankle arthritis.
After a double hip replacement in 2009, we thought all the bone problems would be history. How wrong we were.
As a four-year old he had both hips operated at the same time, then the same when he was ten and when he was fourteen, one hip needed surgery. That was a bad time because when one leg and hip of him were plastered, his other leg grew. This made him limp for years. This was until 2009 when the surgeon made both legs the same length.

So after 36 years my Better Half had to use muscles he hadn’t used for a long time and that was tough. Soon pain appeared in his ankle and thinking of the different way of walking, he/we thought the pain will lessen when he was used to walking with legs the same length again.
The pain however stayed and became worse so a few months ago he went to his GP which resulted in the visit to the specialist today.

After examination and x-rays, three options were given:
1. Ankle replacement
2. Ankle fusion
3. Scraping off bone to create more movement.
The ankle replacement is not often done yet with much success according the specialist, so that is out of question, so in fact there are two options.
My Better Half needs time to think about it, which I can well imagine.
Meanwhile the specialist advised him to come as soon as the pain becomes unbearable.

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Mount Merapi’s eruption

No words to describe this huge tragedy… Looking at the photos left me totally shaken. What can I say …

Text below comes from  The Big Picture News Stories in Photographs.

Since its initial eruptions on October 25th, Indonesia’s Mount Merapi continues to spew hot gases and ash as far as 5,000 meters into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on surrounding villages and farms, and disrupting air travel – and more than 140 people have been killed by the eruptions over the past two weeks. Hundreds of thousands of residents have been displaced, many of them living in temporary shelters until the Indonesian government reduces the existing 20 km “safe zone”, and allows them and their livestock to return. Collected here are recent images from the area near the unpredictable Mount Merapi as it still rumbles and erupts.

Click here to see the 39 photos the Boston Globe put online but be prepared, they’re shocking.

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Craft books

Yesterday I treated myself to a few new books. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t do that as, having a weak spot for books, there are already far too books many in ‘da houz’. However, these four books will give me many hours of happily reading and activity for the coming dark and early winter nights.

These are the books I bought:

1) For the Love of Knitting, a celebration of the knitters art. This book contains no patterns but it tells you a lot about the history and there are interesting personal experiences regarding knitting. Easy reading with great photos.
On the following page I mention the other books:
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Not only for kids!

Here is one of the sites that I cherish already for a very long time.

It’s a beautiful site where the toymaker, Marilyn Scott-Waters, treats us to many so nicely created and illustrated ‘things’ and toys we can print and make ourselves. She says herself: “My goal is to help grownups and kids spend time together making things.
Via her site you can also read her blog The Toymaker’s Journal.

C’mon, pamper yourself and visit the site. Believe me, it’s not only for kids.

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